On this page you can find information about our developer, our host, and links to other great sites. Visit our developer's page to get free JavaScripts, applets, and web building techniques.

Construction Related Links: CA State License Board
| Mortgage Calculator
We have some links to some great construction related sites. Curious if your contractor is licensed in California? Check their license online at the CA State License Board. If you do go please come back soon.

Other Links: Capitol Morning Report
| PSI Web Developing
| ValueWeb Hosting
For anyone that keeps up with the California state governement here is a link to The Capitol Morning Report. The C.M.R. is a local daily that provides information on everything from the Governor to the specials on downtown restaurant's menus.
We have PSI is our web developer and maintainer. They have some great information for the do-it-yourselfer. Or if you don't have the time or patience then help them, help you.
ValueWeb has been our host since December 1998. So far they have been great to us. They give us great service for a low price. If you or your company is thinking about putting up a world-wide site give them a try.
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