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Over twenty years of general contracting experience.
Over ten years of inspection experience.
Extensive knowledge of local and state building codes.
Commercial Specialist with Residential experience.
If you are interested in working with us you may submit a résumé. We also have available our résumé please feel free to take a look at it. Our experience not only covers private construction but also extends to government operations as well. While working for the City of Sacramento and OES we gained experience in disaster assistance programs and a intimate feeling for state and local law. If you have any further questions please request more info.
R J Beardsley, General Contractor   Lic# B574783
Phone: (916) 451-6750 (Sacramento) (530) 845-0450 (Yuba City)
Fax: (916) 927-0609
P.O. Box 160294 Sacramento, CA 95816-0294